Self-Directed Programming Education

LinkedIn : connect with me and read about my ongoing coding journey!

Scrimba: Front-End Development Bootcamp : January 2023 - present

Udemy : Getting Started With VS Code : September 2022

Codewars : JavaScript practice : April 2022 - present

Frontend Mentor : November 2021 - present

Codecademy : JavaScript and Command Line courses : March 2022 - September 2022

Codecademy JavaScript Projects

freeCodeCamp : March 2021 - present

freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Projects

  • The projects below are built from scratch using responsive and accessible semantic HTML and vanilla CSS.
  • All of my projects build upon a coherent theme. I live in the forests of the eastern United States, and my content includes trees and the autumn season.
  • This portfolio site, also built for the freeCodeCamp program, features my experiments in web design as I continue to learn and practice programming. My current experiments involve working with CSS grid to achieve good design principles and interesting, responsive, and accessible layouts.